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Hello, my name is Brittan Aebischer and I love totality. In other words, I see and feel everything through intertwined circuits of connectivity, defining what I believe to be beauty: Wholeness. It is through the discourse of metaphysics and existentialism that has focused  my daily practice as an artist and curator. My construct of beauty as being “wholeness” or “Totality” is based on the fact that all visual art is inherently visual communication derived from a cognitive thread of time on a continuum ever fluid and infinite. It is here I desire to explore the meaning and development of what i call our lexicons—or prescribed ways each humans visually fabricate messages and meaning— both macro and micro in all of our human constructs. 


The image, the fleeting moments of memories, the abstraction of shape and line, all coalesce in the work by Brittan Aebischer. Focusing on the relativity of both the personal and shared memories, Brittan’s work utilizes both assemblage techniques and mixed media on canvas to convey surreal and abstract picture-scapes. Relying on the found object for direct inspirational links, each work created takes a life of its own in an often meandering and endless journey of color, texture, line, and abstraction. The found object guides the artist through a journey, providing inspiration for the overall compositional structure. It is the natural layering of his work that Brittan identifies painting as sculpture, yet is adamant that paint is a tool for transformation, merging the reality of the object/subject and the fluidity of the metaphysical consciences. It is Brittan’s belief that art should evoke the true nature of humanity through the revelation and confrontation that all humans are imperfect, inevitably pointing us to the fact that it is our imperfections that is what gives us beauty, nothing else.


Originally moving to Shenzhen to work as an international school art teacher, Brittan quickly established himself within he Shenzhen expat community as an artist, aesthetic consultant, curator and community arts leader.  Upon leaving his art teaching position, in 2016, Brittan founded the International Shenzhen Artist Forum (ISZAF). Over three years later, ISZAF has grown to be a prominent artist organization and networking platform within the Greater Bay Area (GBA) of China, sponsoring workshops, group shows, and cultural art events. Recently Brittan has been focusing his efforts on his personal art practice, showing regularly in the Shenzhen. He is also avidly working on his curatorial work, establishing the AEBRAGA Group: a curatorial, research and consultancy group.  His most notable work has been a joint project with the General Consulate of Portugal on a comprehensive artist exchange exhibition between Portugal and China to be held in Shenzhen, fall, 2020. Brittan Aebischer originally is from the United States, living in China for over 8 years. He is an accomplished musician, philosopher, and a purveyor of good conversation and thought. Brittan holds a bachelor’s degree in art and graphic design and a Masters in Teaching (MAT) in art education. 

* Above Image Credit: May, 2019 James Neuhalfen, Shenzhen, China