Void Q - 2019 - 150 cm x 100 cm - mixed media on canvas

Void A - 2019 - 110 cm x 130 cm - mixed media on canvas


Close your eyes for a second and look at the back of your eye lids. Watch how the light dissipates into the sea of murky black that was once your vision. Now focus on the leftoverpictures of what was once clearly visible. Do you see any resembling pictures? Now follow the dots and blobs of light as they slowly disappear into darkness. It is this physical state and human condition that I want to explore in my most recent work.

Void K - 2019 - 60 cm x 90 cm - mixed media on canvas

Void P - 2019 - 60 cm x 190 cm - mixed media on canvas

Half Reflective Hues

When considering color theory, black is not a color; rather, it is the absence of light. Most artists would agree though, that black (or darkness) is a color and comes in infinite hues. Even when one considers the science of color, the absence of various degrees of light can create a spectrum of half degrees of colours.

Such half reflective of hues reminds me of the dual perception of humanity; is what we see reality or a figment of our memories perception?

Answering this question often leaves one numb with infinite number of times the mind circles itself in a never ending feedback loop. It is this infinite loop of thought and emotion stuck in a suspenseful abyss that drives my current practice.

Void L - 2019 - 90 cm x 60 cm - mixed media on canvas

It is my hope that when exploring the ideas of the abyss, the eternal void, and the human quest for nirvana. I desire to provide a conjecture to such ideas by utilising darkness or (black) as the backdrop to my narratives in which I try to explain how for some reason, I never seem to reach purer states of mind and go beyond the abyss and into the void.

Void O - 2019 - 60 cm x 130 cm - mixed media on canvas

Perfect whiteness may appear pitch black.
Abundant virtue appears insufficient.
Vigorous virtue appears frail.
Substantial realities appear to change.

The great square is boundless.
The great vessel is slow to mature.
Great music may be nearly inaudible.
The perfect image has no form.

Tao is hidden - no name -
That is why it excels at nourishing and fulfilling.
— #41, Pg. 60, Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, tr. Sam Hamill, 2007

February, 2019