Pushing my own concept of the Intra-Void

Posted on by Brittan Aebischer

I am currently in the middle of working on the series,"Intra-Void". Focusing on the eternal abyss and infinitness of time and space, I am attempting to grapple with the ideas of perfection and inperfection, formation and replication; ulitmately, depicting the numbing magnitude that life and one's mind has on the human spirit.

Upon meeting up one evening with my friend, artist, photographer, and videographer, Theodore Kaye, I was mind blown by the connectivity between sound or electrical currents and the use of synthesizers to not only make music, but graphic images. Something so obvious-in that we use this technology on a daily basis-provided the necessary epiphany that I needed in my current exploration and making process.

Thus, I am now on a new path within the "Intra-Void" exploring the use of an Organelle system and how a man-made machine can not only be a tool in the artistic process, but genuinely be an unpredictable contributor to the art process as well, bluring the lines between artist and curator.

Stay tuned for what happens next...I have not been this excited about an idea in a very long time!!!

Theodore Kaye and his hand-made synthesiser “Wonder Box” in his home studio